Promenade is a forthcoming imprint dedicated to Traditional Regency Romance, slated to debut in September, 2021.

We welcome submissions from new and existing authors, both agented and unagented, and will happily consider previously published works.


The Regency period is defined here as running from 1811 – 1820, so please set your story within this time frame, though exceptions can be made if the story has a compelling reason to be set outside of these specific years — feel free to explain why that is so!

Traditional Regency Romance is best exemplified by its creator, Georgette Heyer. We are looking for works in a similar vein, with an emphasis on character development and slow-burn romance. Humour is also a big plus! We are seeking a degree of originality, of course; works inspired by, but not too closely related to, Heyer’s works are strongly encouraged.

We also welcome works that stray outside of the usual communities depicted by Heyer, and would certainly be very interested in Regency-set novels featuring diverse protagonists, supporting characters and environments. Own Voices works given very favourable consideration.


  • please include your book title and your pseudonym (if using) in the subject of your email
  • please send the first 3 chapters in MS Word (or compatible freeware)
  • please single space your document
  • please be careful of anachronism
  • please note if the novel has been previously published
  • please note if it is a standalone novel or part of a planned series
  • please allow 4 weeks for a response
  • your completed manuscript should be 60,000 to 100,000 words 

Please send submissions by email to

We very much look forward to meeting your ladies and gentlemen of the ton, and elsewhere!